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These short Questions and Answers were written by members of the Prescott Computer Society and have been published in the Sunday issue of "The Daily Courier" in Prescott, Arizona. If you have questions you'd like to see answered in this manner, you may send them to us at PCS Questions.

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Ray CarlsonWhere can I get safe and free software? Software4/15/20162C
Phil BallHow can I move my files to Windows 10?Software3/26/20168A
Ray DeCostaCan I buy my own modem and stop renting one from the cable company?Hardware2/13/20168A
JB BurkeWhat are the alternatives to purchasing or renting Office 365? Software2/4/20166A
Ray CarlsonWhat is "Alexa" good for?Software12/27/20154D
JB BurkeWhat are some PDF readers other than Adobe? Software12/19/20157A
Phil BallHow do I check out the truth of a dire email warning?Internet12/12/20156B
Ray DeCostaHow can I keep smartphone apps from spying on me?Smartphone12/5/20156B
JB BurkeDo I have to upgrade to Windows 10?Software11/28/20156B
Ray CarlsonWhy does my computer slow down from time to time?Software11/21/20156B
Phil BallHow can I change Cortana's default search settings?Software10/17/20157A
Ray DeCostaCan I remove unused system files?Software10/10/201512A
Ray CarlsonHow can I change Cortana's default search engine?Internet9/26/201512A
Phil BallHow can I make Google my default search engine in Edge?Internet9/12/20155A
JB BurkeShould I change to Microsoft's new browser?Internet9/5/201511A
Ray CarlsonWhat free apps should I get for Windows 10?Software8/29/201512A
JB BurkeHow can I be sure of installing all of my Windows updates?Software8/22/201511A
Ray DeCostaCan I use my old scanner with Windows 10?Hardware8/15/20157A
Ray CarlsonShould I install Windows 10?Software8/8/20157A
JB BurkeHow can I clean up my cluttered Desktop?Software8/1/201511A
Phil BallHow can I secure my router's Wi-Fi access?Hardware7/26/201512A
Ray DeCostaIs there a replacement for Microsoft Office?Software7/18/201512A
Ray CarlsonHow can I get Windows 10 installed on my computer?Software7/4/201511A
JB BurkeHow can I use two monitors on my computer?Hardware6/27/201510A
Phil BallWhat's the difference between "cut & paste" and "copy & paste"?Software6/20/20157A
Ray DeCostaHow can I keep my Wi-Fi signal from dropping out?Hardware6/13/201510A
Ray CarlsonHow can I deal with dangerous Internet ads?Security6/6/201511A
JB BurkeShould I get Windows 8 now or wait for Windows 10?Software5/30/201512A
Phil BallHow can I avoid being infected with ransomware?Security5/23/201512A
Ray DeCostaHow can I extend the time between smartphone battery charges?Smartphone5/16/201510A
JB BurkeHow can I easily use the "Deep Web"?Internet5/9/201512A
Ray CarlsonHow can I avoid going to dangerous websites?Security5/2/201511A
Phil BallWhat lenses should I get for my new camera?Photography4/25/201512A
Ray DeCostaHow can I move files to my smartphone?Smartphone4/18/201511A
JB BurkeHow can I get a "clean computer" from the manufacturer?Hardware4/12/201512A
Ray CarlsonHow can I block email advertising?Email4/4/201512A
Phil BallWhat's the best way to set up my camera?Photography3/21/201512A
Ray DeCostaCan you recommend a good free video editor?Software3/14/201512A
JB BurkeShould I use different anti-malware programs?Security3/7/201511A
Ray CarlsonHow can I secure my email account?Email2/28/201511A
Phil BallWhere do my downloaded photos go?Internet2/21/201512A
JB BurkeHow hard is it to switch from a PC to a Mac?Hardware2/7/201511A
Ray CarlsonWhen is the right time to buy Windows 10?Software1/31/201512A
Phil BallWhat's the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0?Hardware1/24/20157A
Ray DeCostaWhy doesn't my computer work?Hardware1/17/20157A
JB BurkeHow can I fix my computer's "Sleep" function?Hardware1/10/201511A
Ray CarlsonWill Internet Explorer be receiving an upgrade when Windows 10 arrives?Internet1/3/201511A
Ray DeCostaHow can I prevent static electricity from affecting my computer?Hardware12/27/201411A
Phil BallWhat media should I use to save my data?Hardware12/21/201413A
Ray CarlsonWhy do new credit cards have embedded chips?Security12/14/20143D
JB BurkeHow can I download video files?Internet12/7/20143D
Ray DeCostaHow do I set up an email account on a new smartphone?Smartphone11/23/20143D
Phil BallWhat are some free word processing programs to replace Office on a new computer?Software11/23/20143D
JB BurkeHow do I chose a tablet?Hardware11/16/20144D
Ray CarlsonShould I get Windows 10?Software11/9/20143D
Ray DeCostaWhat's the best way to keep track of all my passwords?Internet11/2/20141D
Phil BallWhat is an email client and what is it good for?Email10/25/20141D
JB BurkeHow can I remove "unremovable" programs?Malware10/19/20141D
Ray CarlsonHow can I create my own online survey?Internet10/12/20143D
Ray DeCostaWhat can I do when I've "bounced" an email?Email10/5/20143D
Phil BallIs Windows 8 really a good operating system?Software9/28/20143D
JB BurkeWhat is a "Windows key"?Hardware9/21/20144D
Ray CarlsonHow can I use my laptop while travelling to access my home computer?Internet9/14/20143D
Ray DeCostaHow do I take a screen shot?Software9/7/20143D
Phil BallWhat happened to my browser's Search Bar?Internet8/31/20143D
JB BurkeWhy should I partition my hard drive?Hardware8/24/20141D
Ray CarlsonWhy is my computer sending out hundreds of emails?Malware8/17/20141D
JB BurkeWhat's a convenient way to document my computer's hardware and software?Hardware8/10/20143D
Ray DeCostaHow can I make sure all my personal data is erased from a hard drive?Software8/3/20143D
Ray CarlsonWhat is Google's Safe Browsing warning trying to tell me?Internet7/27/20143D
Phil BallHow can I create and remember all my passwords?Internet7/20/20141D
Ray DeCostaWhat's an easy way to sign a PDF document?Email7/6/20141D
JB BurkeWhat's a good way to save my Internet research?Internet6/24/20142D
Ray CarlsonIs this notice from the government about hacking legitimate?Malware6/15/20142D
Phil BallWhat does an error message REALLY mean?Software6/1/20144C
Ray DeCostaIs there an easy way to convert file formats?Software6/1/20144C
Ray CarlsonIs PayPal safe to use?Internet5/18/20144C
JB BurkeWhat's the difference between the Hibernate and Sleep functions?Hardware5/18/20144C
Ray DeCostaHow can I change my smartphone's keyboard?Software5/4/20144C
Phil BallHow can I make my photographs stand out from the crowd?Photography5/4/20144C
Ray CarlsonWhat are Solid State Drives?Hardware4/20/20144C
JB BurkeWhy should I get the update to Windows 8.1 immediately?Software4/20/20144C
Ray DeCostaWhat's the best way to store photos on optical media?Photography4/6/20143C
Phil BallHow can I deal with blurry photographs?Photography4/6/20143C
JB BurkeWhat issues will I need to deal with when backing up my data?Software3/16/20143C
Ray CarlsonCan Kingsoft Office be used as an alternative to Microsoft Office?Software3/16/20143C
JB BurkeWhat can I do when there's no Windows 8 driver available for my scanner?Software3/2/20143C
JB BurkeHow can I put photographs on my Desktop?Software2/16/20143C
Ray CarlsonShould I stop using my Office 2003?Software2/16/20143C
Phil BallWhat's the best kind of computer to work on photos while travelling?Photography2/2/20143C
Ray DeCostaHow can I get the sound on my computer working again?Hardware2/2/20143C
Ray CarlsonHow can I track an elderly parent's location?Software1/19/20143C
JB BurkeHow can I improve my Google searches?Internet1/19/20143C
Ray DeCostaWhat is the best way to document a computer procedure?Software1/5/20143C
Phil BallHow can I develop my mousing skills?Hardware1/5/20143C
Ray CarlsonHow do I remove a browser hijacker?Internet12/15/20133C
JB BurkeWhat are your suggestions about the new Windows tablets?Hardware12/15/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I make my surfing faster and more efficient?Internet12/1/20133C
Phil BallHow can I retrieve photo exposure information?Photography12/1/20133C
JB BurkeShould I upgrade to Windows 8.1?Software11/17/20133C
Ray CarlsonHow can I safely download programs?Internet11/17/20133C
Phil BallHow can I keep my printed photos from being cut off?Photography11/3/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I text using my computer instead of my phone?Internet11/3/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I easily share all my scanned photos?Photography10/20/20133C
Ray CarlsonHow can I get rid of unwanted or malware programs?Malware10/20/20133C
Phil BallHow can I get my photos of fall foliage to show the true colors?Photography10/13/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow do I unzip a compressed file or folder?Software10/13/20133C
JB BurkeWhat's the best way to deal with large files taking up room on my computer?Hardware9/15/20134C
Ray CarlsonHow can I use a Virtual Private Network at the Prescott Public Library?Internet9/15/20134C
Phil BallWhat's the best way to use memory cards to store my photos?Photography9/1/20133C
Ray DeCostaWhy can't my friend go to a website link I emailed to him?Email9/1/20133C
Ray CarlsonWhat should I know about Windows 8.1?Software8/18/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I deal with all my duplicate files?Software8/18/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I burn CDs so they are readable on other computers?Hardware8/4/20133C
Phil BallAre cell phone cameras really any good?Photography8/4/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I find files on my computer?Software7/21/20133C
Ray CarlsonHow can I deal with the recent changes in Gmail?Email7/21/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I protect my computer equipment during the monsoon season?Hardware7/7/20133C
Phil BallDo I really need to fix up my photos in post-processing?Photography7/7/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I recover a document or file which I have deleted by accident?Tips & Tricks6/16/20133C
Ray CarlsonWhat is a "keylogger" and how can I remove one from my computer?Tips & Tricks6/16/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I refresh my browser's cache?Internet6/2/20133C
Phil BallWhat's the best way to sort through all my photos?Photography6/2/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I get my Internet Explorer working again?Internet5/19/20133C
Ray CarlsonHow can I get rid of the "FBI Virus"?Malware5/19/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I open PDF files in my browser?Internet5/5/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I deal with malware issues?Malware4/21/20133C
Ray CarlsonWhat do I need to know about online storage?Internet4/21/20133C
Phil BallHow can I take better photos of all the spring flowers?Photography4/7/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I get a replacement for a missing power supply?Hardware4/7/20133C
Ray CarlsonHow can I collaborate with people while writing a document?Software3/17/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I keep track of all of my different notes?Software3/17/20133C
Phil BallHow can I take better photos with my camera?Photography3/3/20133C
Ray DeCostaHow can I label CDs and DVDs without using a marking pen?Hardware3/3/20133C
JB BurkeHow can I fix Windows 8?Software2/17/20133C
Ray CarlsonWhat is a Chromebook computer?Hardware2/17/20133C
Ray DeCostaWhat about those scam emails supposedly from Microsoft?Tips & Tricks2/3/20133C
Phil BallDo I still need a "real" camera?Photography2/3/20133C
Ray CarlsonHow can I determine the price to bid for an antique clock?Internet1/20/20133C
JB BurkeCan I upgrade my existing computer to Windows 8?Hardware1/20/20133C
Ray DeCostaWhat should I look for in a new keyboard?Hardware1/13/20134C
Phil BallHow can I effectively use Task Manager in Windows 7?Software1/13/20134C
Ray CarlsonHow can I show two programs at once in Windows 8?Software12/16/20123C
JB BurkeWhat are some recommended useful websites?Internet12/16/20123C
Ray DeCostaHow can I clean a dirty keyboard?Hardware12/2/20123C
Phil BallHow can I best organize all my photos?Photography12/2/20123C
Ray CarlsonWhere is the Windows 8 Start menu?Software11/18/20123C
JB BurkeHow do I fix problems with Adobe Reader?Software11/18/20123C
Ray DeCostaWhat do I need to know when buying a replacement monitor?Hardware11/4/20124C
Phil BallHow can I take good photos in winter conditions?Photography11/4/20124C
Ray CarlsonHow can I fix my computer if I don't have Internet access?Tips & Tricks10/21/20123C
JB BurkeShould I buy a book reader or a tablet computer?Hardware10/21/20123C
Ray DeCostaHow can I save messages on my phone to my computer?Tips & Tricks10/14/20123C
Phil BallHow can I make my camera's flash fire in shady situations?Photography10/14/20123C
JB BurkeWhat should I look for in a new tablet computer?Hardware9/16/20124C
Ray CarlsonHow do I fix a problem I'm having with Google's Chrome browser?Internet9/16/20124C
Phil BallHow can I protect my electronic devices during a lightning storm?Hardware9/9/20124C
Ray CarlsonWhat are some of the new features of Windows 8?Software8/19/20124C
JB BurkeHow can I retrieve photos from a bad memory card?Photography8/19/20124C
Ray DeCostaHow can I remove malware infections myself?Malware8/5/20124C
Phil BallWhen should l delete photos from my SD card?Photography8/5/20124C
Ray CarlsonHow can I get a good price for Windows 8?Software7/15/20124C
JB BurkeWhat is the Android operating system all about?Software7/15/20124C
Phil BallWhat are the advantages of using keyboard shortcut commands?Tips & Tricks7/1/20124C
Ray DeCostaHow can I connect wirelessly to my router if I have lost the password?Hardware7/1/20124C
Ray CarlsonWhat are some privacy concerns when using a GPS-equipped phone?Hardware6/17/20123C
JB BurkeHow can I find and remove duplicate files from my computer?Software6/17/20123C
Ray DeCostaWhat can I do to view a poorly designed website?Internet6/3/20123C
Phil BallCan I use a smart phone or tablet camera instead of a full-sized camera?Photography6/3/20123C
Ray CarlsonHow can I use "Google Knowledge Graphs" to search effectively?Internet5/20/20125C
JB BurkeHow can I easily move to a new Windows 7 computer?Software5/20/20125C
Ray DeCostaHow can I send a long Internet address by email?Email5/6/20124C
Phil BallWhat can I do with old camera equipment?Photography5/6/20124C
Ray CarlsonWhere can I obtain information about medical treatments?Internet4/15/20125C
JB BurkeWhat should I look for when buying a new computer?Hardware4/15/20125C
Phil BallCan you give me some printer maintenance tips?Hardware4/1/20125C
Ray DeCostaWhat should I know about buying a computer monitor?Hardware4/1/20125C
Ray CarlsonHow do I copy or print just the text from a webpage?Internet3/18/20125C
JB BurkeCan I use both an anti-virus program and an anti-malware program?Malware3/18/20125C
Ray DeCostaHow do I know when it's time to update my browser?Internet3/4/20125C
Phil BallIs Microsoft Security Essentials a good anti-malware program?Malware3/4/20125C
Ray CarlsonHow can I view PDF files in my browser?Internet2/19/20125C
JB BurkeHow can I easily clean up my collection of bookmarks?Internet2/19/20125C
Ray DeCostaWhat are some good printer tips I can use?Hardware2/2/20125C
Phil BallHow can I sort through all my photos?Photography2/2/20125C
Ray CarlsonWhat is an "ultrabook" computer?Hardware1/15/20125C
JB BurkeWhat's the best way to download videos?Internet1/15/20125C
Ray DeCostaWhy should I turn off my printer using its power switch?Hardware1/1/20125C
Phil BallShould I stay with XP or move to Win 7?Software1/1/20125C
Ray CarlsonHow can I determine if a website is safe or not?Internet12/18/20115C
JB BurkeHow can I design a nice holiday email newsletter?Email12/18/20115C
Ray DeCostaIs that call from Microsoft really just a scam?Malware12/4/20115C
Phil BallWhy did my flash pictures turn out so dark?Photography12/4/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow can I determine which charities are worthwhile?Internet11/20/20117C
JB BurkeHow can I find a particular document on my computer?Software11/20/20117C
Phil BallHow do I deal with all those options on my camera?Photography11/6/20115C
Ray DeCostaWhy does my computer's clock not keep proper time?Hardware11/6/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow can I find out which brand of computer equipment is the best?Hardware10/16/20115C
Phil BallHow can I deal with a large number of photos?Photography10/16/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow can I accurately print webpages?Internet10/2/20115C
JB BurkeWhat's the best way to erase a memory stick?Hardware10/2/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow can I get my incoming mail through CableOne's spam filter?Email9/18/20115C
JB BurkeHow can I avoid getting unwanted toolbars when I download a program?Internet9/18/20115C
Phil BallWhy won't my card reader read that bigger SD card I just bought?Hardware9/4/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow can I properly dispose of old computer equipment?Hardware9/4/20115C
JB BurkeWhy should I be careful when using a free virus scanning program?Software8/21/20117C
Ray CarlsonHow can I share documents between different word processors?Software8/21/20117C
Ray DeCostaShould I add RAM to improve my computer's performance?Hardware8/7/20115C
Phil BallIsn't there an easier way to fill out online forms?Internet8/7/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow can I find the best free program that meets my needs?Software7/17/20115C
JB BurkeHow can I make Windows 7 look like XP?Software7/17/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow can I get rid of those odd characters which appear in my emails?Email7/10/20115C
Phil BallHow can I best protect myself from summer power surges?Hardware7/10/20115C
Phil BallHow can I make Firefox 4 look like a previous version?Software6/19/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow can I get the best prices when shopping online?Internet6/19/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow can I clean dust out of my computer?Hardware6/5/20115C
JB BurkeHow can I make my Internet browser easier to use?Internet6/5/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow did I pick up a virus?Malware5/15/20116C
JB BurkeHow is Windows 7 better than previous versions of Windows?Software5/15/20116C
Ray DeCostaHow can I speed up my Internet surfing?Internet5/1/20115C
Ellis, BobHow can I learn more about a program before I buy it?Software5/1/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow can I use Google Voice to make free phone calls?Software4/17/20115C
Ellis, BobHow can I find out what speeds I'm getting from my service provider?Hardware4/17/20115C
Phil BallWhat should I do when I get attacked by a virus?Malware4/3/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow can I make a shortcut for a program to use when saving a file?Software4/3/20115C
JB BurkeHow do I open compressed files or folders (ZIP, RAR, etc.)?Software3/20/20115C
Ray CarlsonHow do I keep track of all my passwords?Software3/20/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow do I create a Desktop shortcut?Software3/6/20115C
Phil BallHow can I take better pictures with a telephoto lens?Photography3/6/20115C
Ray CarlsonWhy should I not open an email concening a package for me?Malware2/20/20117C
JB BurkeWhat's the difference between RAM and hard drive memory?Hardware2/20/20117C
Ray DeCostaWhat does the the term "file extensions" mean?Software2/6/20115C
Phil BallHow can I take better pictures in cold weather?Photography2/6/20115C
JB BurkeHow can I easily find files on my computer?Software1/16/20115C
Ray CarlsonWhat should I do if someone is stalking me on the Internet?Internet1/16/20115C
Ray DeCostaHow can I get my data off an old hard drive?Hardware1/2/20115C
Ellis, BobWhat is "net neutrality?"Internet1/2/20115C
Ray CarlsonWhat is "sandboxing?"Software12/19/20105C
JB BurkeWhat are some good Christmas gifts for geeks?Hardware12/19/20105C
Ray DeCostaHow can I type information into a PDF form that someone sends me?Software12/12/20105C
Phil BallWhat program should I use as a basic photo editor?Photography12/12/20105C
Ray CarlsonWhat is a good anti-virus program?Malware11/21/20107C
JB BurkeWhy should I update my Windows operating system files?Software11/21/20107C
Ray DeCostaDo I have to use Adobe Reader to open my PDF files?Software11/14/20105C
Phil BallWhat should I look for in a digital camera?Photography11/14/20105C
Ray CarlsonWhich Internet browsers are popular and why?Internet10/24/20107C
JB BurkeWhat is "USB" all about?Hardware10/24/20107C
Ray DeCostaWhat are "Flash cookies?"Malware10/3/20105C
Phil BallHow I use the "Undo key" to fix a mistaken deletion?Tips & Tricks10/3/20105C
Ray CarlsonWhat is a good website devoted to health issues of seniors?Internet9/19/20105C
JB BurkeWill adding more memory to my computer make it run better?Hardware9/19/20105C
Ray DeCostaHow can I fill out Internet forms easier?Internet9/5/20105C
Phil BallWhat are the different kinds of light metering used by digital cameras?Photography9/5/20105C
Ray CarlsonWhy would all of my emails "bounce" and be returned to me?Email8/15/20105C
JB BurkeHow can I get rid of Norton Anti-Virus?Malware8/15/20105C
Ray DeCostaHow can I use my mouse's middle button for easier surfing?Internet8/1/20105C
Phil BallHow do I get a good green color in my photos?Photography8/1/20105C
Phil BallWhat are some camera buying tips I should consider?Photography7/18/20105C
Ray CarlsonWhat security issues are involved with public Wi-Fi connections?Malware7/18/20105C
Ray DeCostaHow can I print my own PDF file?Printers7/4/20105C
JB BurkeHow can I burn CDs and DVDs without spending a lot of money?Software7/4/20105C
Ray CarlsonHow do I work with an anti-virus program?Malware6/20/20107C
Phil BallWhat kind of computer do I need to edit pictures while travelling?Photography6/20/20107C
Ray DeCostaHow can I hide information about the websites I have visited?Internet6/6/20105C
JB BurkeHow do I move over to a new computer?Hardware6/6/20105C
Ray CarlsonWhat is a "drive-by download" and how can I avoid getting one?Malware5/16/20105C
Phil BallWhat should I look for in a computer for digital photo work?Photography5/16/20105C
Ray DeCostaWhat's the best way to label my CDs or DVDs?Hardware5/2/20105C
JB BurkeShould I upgrade to a 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7?Hardware5/2/20105C
Ray CarlsonHow can I track storms on the Internet?Internet4/18/20105C
Phil BallHow can I take better action shots?Photography4/18/20105C
Ray DeCostaWhat's the safest way to remove a flash drive?Hardware4/4/20105C
JB BurkeHow do I care for a flat screen monitor?Hardware4/4/20105C
Ray CarlsonHow can I keep my place when listening to a book on an MP3 player?Hardware3/21/20107C
Phil BallHow can I get rid of all those wires around my desk?Hardware3/21/20107C
Ray DeCostaWhat is a "screen shot" and how do I take one?Tips & Tricks3/14/20105C
JB BurkeWhat is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?Internet3/14/20105C
Phil BallHow do I keep subject's heads from being chopped off when printing?Photography2/21/20107C
Ray CarlsonWhat should I do when I receive "order confirmation" emails?Malware2/21/20107C
Ray DeCostaHow do I "rip" MP3 files?Software2/7/20105C
JB BurkeHow do I obtain better results from an Internet search engine?Internet2/7/20105C
Phil BallWhat are all those extra keys on my keyboard for?Hardware1/17/20105C
JB BurkeWhat are "solid state drives" all about?Hardware1/17/20105C
Ray DeCostaHow do I burn a CD?Software1/3/20105C
Ray CarlsonHow can I change my address on Google Maps?Google12/20/20095C
Phil BallDo you have any holiday picture tips?Photography12/20/20095C
Ray DeCostaHow can I view PowerPoint files (PPS or PPT) that people send me?Software12/6/20095C
JB BurkeHow can I learn to use my computer more effectively?Software12/6/20095C
Ray CarlsonHow can I avoid calendar conflicts?Software11/15/20095C
Phil BallHow can I take better pictures of holiday light displays?Photography11/15/20095C
Ray DeCostaHow can I learn about video editors?Software11/1/20095C
JB BurkeHow can I tell if my computer can handle Windows 7?Software11/1/20095C
Ray CarlsonWhat will I have to do to upgrade to Windows 7?Software10/11/20095C
Phil BallWhat are some simple photo editors that I can use?Photography10/11/20095C
Ray DeCostaWhat is "firmware" and how do I update it?Tips & Tricks10/4/20095C
JB BurkeHow can I email large files to someone?Email10/4/20095C
Ray CarlsonWhat's a good website to obtain and interpret complex information?Internet9/20/20095C
Phil BallHow do I use my camera's panorama mode?Photography9/20/20095C
JB BurkeHow can I find out what hardware is inside my computer?Hardware9/6/20095C
Ray DeCostaWhy should I remove addresses from emails that I forward to people?Email9/6/20095C
Ray CarlsonHow can I put a long Internet address into Twitter?Email8/16/20095C
Phil BallHow do I set my black and white points?Photography8/16/20095C
Ray DeCostaWhen should I update my drivers?Tips & Tricks8/2/20095C
JB BurkeHow do I speed up my external USB drive connection?Tips & Tricks8/2/20095C
Ray CarlsonHow do I secure my email over a public network?Email7/19/20095C
Phil BallHow do I use my auto-flash and auto-focus?Photography7/19/20095C
JB BurkeWhen will the successor to the Vista operating system be released?Software6/21/20094C
Ray DeCostaHow do I protect my computer from electrical surges?Hardware6/21/20094C
Phil BallHow do I take close-up pictures with a macro setting?Photography6/7/20095C
Ray CarlsonHow do I avoid a charge for sending email while I'm traveling?Email6/7/20095C
Ray DeCostaWhat are those weird characters I have to type in at a website?Internet5/17/20095C
JB BurkeWhy should I backup my data?Data5/17/20095C
Ray CarlsonHow can I use GreenPrint to print exactly what I want to?Printers5/3/20094C
Phil BallHow do I prevent running out of memory storage space in my camera?Photography5/3/20094C
Ray DeCostaWhat are "drivers?"Software4/19/20095C
JB BurkeHow do I completely delete personal data from my computer?Data4/19/20095C
Ray CarlsonWhat is a "netbook" computer?Hardware4/5/20094C
Ray DeCostaWhat are "ISO files?"Software3/15/20094C
Ray CarlsonCan I get a virus from a flash drive?Malware3/15/20094C
Edi Taylor-RichardsWhy does my Outlook dictionary only spell check in French?Email3/1/20094C
Ray CarlsonHow does a spam filter work?Email3/1/20094C
Ray DeCostaHow can I use Notepad?Software2/15/20094C
Ray CarlsonHow can I encrypt my computer files?Malware2/15/20094C
Ray CarlsonHow can I avoid getting a virus?Malware2/1/20095C
JB BurkeWhat should I look for in a new computer?Hardware2/1/20095C
Ray DeCostaHow can I reduce my printer waste?Printers1/18/20094C
Ray DeCostaWhat are "cookies"?Internet1/18/20094C
JB BurkeWhere can I find decent computer games?Games12/21/20084C
Phil BallHow can I take better pictures?Photography12/21/20084C

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