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Jim Perry's "Interesting Stuff" page is back and in a different format. It's now more of a blog and you have a choice of methods of receiving his interesting information. See why he calls it "Interesting Stuff" and check out his page.

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The following "Friends of PCS" is a listing of websites which many of our members find useful. They cover a range of features including help sections, articles on various subjects, general computer information and geeky stuff. As a result, there's something for everyone. These (and many other) websites offer newsletters which are available for FREE! In fact, I use information from several of the available newsletters in order to put out our own weekly PCS newsletter.

Recommended Websites
Recommended Newsletters

Recommended Websites

link to apcugAPCUG (Association of Personal Computer User Groups)
This group's mission is "to facilitate communication among computer user groups, the community, and the technology industry." There are several hundred member clubs across the US, and also members in Canada and Australia. APCUG provides articles for newsletters, copies of other club newsletters, and regional conferences for club officers to meet and exchange ideas. It also facilitates discounts with vendors that are passed along to member clubs. PCS is a member of APCUG.

link to ask leoAsk Leo
This website has a lot of good and non-technical (where possible) information available to you. If your particular question isn't answered on Leo's home page, simply type a short phrase which is related to your question into the search box and see what Leo comes back with. His search function is a little flaky, so you may have to reword your "question" a few times in order to narrow down the search to your area of interest. But the results are usually worth the effort.

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link to kim komandoKim Komando
What can I say about Kim Komando (the self-proclaimed "America's Digital Goddess") that hasn't been said before? Certainly you have heard the PCS geeks talk about her in glowing terms. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration! Written in easy to understand language, her site has numerous links to features, columns and newsletters that will help you get through your digital day. Tips, buying guides and an extensive download library help to round out this website. But wait, there's more! If that's not enough, she also manages to host numerous online shows about computer issues both in podcast and video formats.

link to lugyLUGY (Linux User's Group of Yavapai)
Our friends at LUGY offer Linux as a free alternative to the Windows and Mac operating systems here in Prescott. With a membership comprised of fellow enthusiasts, they offer assistance and practical tips in order to get Linux up and running on your system. Recent developments allow the easy dual booting or even a live CD installation of Linux on your PC.

link to maximum pcMaximum PC
This is more of a geek-oriented magazine and website, but don't let that keep you from checking in here from time to time. Once you get past the hype of water cooling and the benefits of buying a $5,000 computer, there are many good articles on this website. While it may sometimes be hard to find exactly what you're looking for, there's a lot of interesting reading to distract you along the way. Their full motto is "Maximum PC, Minimum BS" and you'll find they pull no punches regarding their reviews of recent products. If you go to the "PDF Archive" link, you will find all recent back issues of the actual subscription magazine. Need I say more?

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link to pc magazinePC Magazine
This is probably the best-known of the consumer computer magazines still around. You could get a subscription to the dead tree version of PCMag, but why? Going to their website will give you all you really need to stay current with many aspects of Windows computing without paying that nasty subscription fee each year. This site offers all sorts of interesting reading in many subjects. There are also numerous columnists for you to agree or disagree with. Some people dislike John Dvorak ("The Cranky Geek") because of his strong opinions. But whether or not you are annoyed by him, you will have to agree that he makes some pretty good points.

link to pc worldPC World
This venerable magazine and website are not as comprehensive as Maximum PC or PC Magazine, but they often have extremely interesting articles and cover standard computer subjects from a different angle. In general, the articles here are well written and understandable, but sometimes the content leaves a few things to be desired. But then you avoid that nasty "geek factor" which often clouds the subject. Having said that, please see below for a recommended link to their weekly newsletter about "Vista Secrets". If you use Vista, you should at least check out this newsletter.

the gadgeteerThe Gadgeteer
The Gadgeteer has an interesting website devoted to reviews of products that actually work as they should! Quoting from his site, "THE GADGETEER is highly selective as to products he feels worthy of review so as not to waste the reader’s time, thus the reason for many superior ratings." You'll want to look around on this site before you spend money on equipment that won't live up to its hype.

link to windows secretsWindows Secrets
This website has a full component of reviews of free software, tips 'n' tricks and a great newsletter. But more importantly, it seems to have its ear well-planted on the ground in terms of new technology and potential Windows problems. I get information here that is simply unavailable from other sources until much later. Be the first on your block to learn about developing issues so you're not caught unaware.

Recommended Newsletters

Links here will take you directly to that newsletter's sign-up page. Feel free to try them out and see if their newsletter appeals to you. All these sources will unsubscribe you if you so request.

Ask Leo
Kim Komando
Windows Secrets

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