SWCC (Southwest Computer Conference)
2010 Photo Contest

2010 Photo Contest Results

The winners of the SWCC 2010 photo contest have been announced.  Here's all the info as provided by JB Burke who attended the festivities:

Ladies & Gentlemen - I am happy to report that the members of the Prescott Computer Society were successful in the photo competition at the SWCC. Here are the prize winners and prizes:

Nature: 3rd Place - Dan Leung - "Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove" - Corel Painter Essentials

Digital Art (Enhanced): 1st Place - JB Burke - "Phone Booth" - Paint Shop Photo Pro X3

Nature: Best of Show - Evelyn Stamant - "Bent but Not Broken" - Paint Shop Photo Pro & Video Studio X3 Bundle

I have certificates for the winners with an indication of what the prizes are. The prizes are to be shipped to us by Corel.

I also have Certificates of Participation for the winners, as well as for Ray Carlson and Andy Reti. I also have the entered photos themselves. In most cases I have 2 each, except for "Bent but Not Broken". I gave one copy to Linda Espinoza, treasurer of the Sun City Palm Desert Computer Club, an organization with about 1300 members. She was quite taken with it, promised she'd display it prominently in their club facility, and was very grateful to receive it. (Actually the deal was brokered by my son, Sean, who made many friends during the conference.)

Due to the Coronavirus all Prescott Computer Society meetings will be held online.

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