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by JB Burke

Q. Sometimes I need something to do to kill a little time. I’d like to find a way to use my computer for fun (no violent games please). Suggestions?

A. If you’re connected to the Internet there are about a million good answers to that question. But be careful where you surf - there are many snares and traps, especially in the arena of “free” games and amusements. Click the wrong site, and you could find yourself regretting you ever started.
But there are also many good, safe, sites that let you have as much fun as you have time for. (Be careful … they can be addictive.) Start with AARP.

For you old-timers out there (like me), AARP is a familiar and trusted name for many senior issues. But you needn’t an AARP member– no age rules apply – to access. There you’ll find games in these categories: Arcade; Card; Strategy; Word; and Sports. You’ll find such popular games as Backgammon, MahJongg, Klondike and other solitaire versions, as well as jigsaw and crossword puzzles, cryptograms and more. Browse around – you’re bound to find something to suit your taste.

Then again, you could approach AARP from this direction. Here you will find more fine games, including a Daily Crossword Puzzle, Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, and Mind Games, which includes Brain Workouts. You can have fun, play games, and improve your mind all at the same time - for FREE. No signups, no personal info required – just login and enjoy.

Published: Courier 12/21/08 - Page 4C