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By Ray DeCosta

Q. How do I cut down on wasting paper and toner when I print a webpage? I often have an almost-blank page print out at the end which I then have to throw away.

A. There's an easy way to print just what's important to you and avoid wasting your expensive supplies printing out ads or pages with little on them. Here's the trick: before simply hitting the Print button, go to Print Preview instead. Typically it can be found under the File tab and then Print Preview but the exact location may vary.

Look at each page and see if you really want to print it. If there's a last page that has only one useless line of text on it or some advertising link that doesn't interest you, just don't print it!

You can specify which page(s) to print which in the boxes labeled "From" and "To" by simply entering the page number(s) you wish to print. Important: in all examples below, enter just the numbers - do not use the quotes. If you only want to print the first page, just enter "1" in both of those boxes.

You may also have the choice of entering the "From" and "To" info into a single box. In this case, just enter "1-1" or just "1". To print multiple pages, enter them in that box; example "2-5". You may have to experiment with your particular Internet browser to determine the exact entry or format required.

Published: Courier 1/18/09 - Page 4C