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by Phil Ball

Q. Soon, I’ll be taking several trips and I plan to take a lot of photos. I’m worried about running out of memory and then being unable to take any more photos! I don’t want to lug a laptop because it is too big a bother. What should I do?

A. Travelling can be made easier by minimizing what you carry around with you. The less you take, the less you have to carry. Laptops or other photo viewers add to the weight and require separate batteries and chargers. Instead, you can enjoy viewing your images on your camera’s screen. The screen on most new cameras is big enough to do the job and since you’ll have your camera, there’s nothing extra to carry.

The lightest and most convenient portable storage is the memory card. To avoid running out of storage space, simply take more memory cards. Memory cards have larger capacities and cost less with every passing year so you can buy more storage space for less money. Take a handful of memory cards. They are quite small and don’t need chargers or batteries. They can be organized with little wallets; just insert them upside down when filled. Switch cards when nearly full or when you make a change of location.

Also, take extra batteries with you, especially if you might be away from a power source for several days. If travelling by car, look for a charger that works from the car battery as you drive. Bon voyage!

Published: Courier 5/3/09 - Page 4C