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by Ray Carlson

Q. I collect information from the web for an organization. When I print the information, some pages have only one or two lines or only advertisements. How can I avoid printing those pages?

A. That is a good question for Earth Day. There is a program called GreenPrint World that is free for home use. When you download and install this program, it is listed as your default printer. Anytime you click on print, this program identifies pages with small amounts of content that could be eliminated. You can also click on a specific page and tell it to eliminate images if they are not important [images use a lot of ink] or if the images are ads. After reviewing the proposed changes, you tell it to print the layout with fewer pages or print the content as a PDF file that can be sent or given to others to allow them to print the final version without the extra pages. You can also cancel the changes and print the original version. If you know that the document has no extra pages, you can avoid the time taken for assessing the document by clicking on the spot where it lists GreenPrint as the printer. The program will list your other printers. Select your regular printer and skip the Greenprint process. Unfortunately, you have to look at ads while the program is operating, but this use of ads allows the program to be free. To download, go to

Published: Courier 5/3/09 - Page 4C