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by JB Burke

Q. I have a large file (21MB) that I’d like to send to a friend, but it’s too large to email. How can I avoid burning it to a CD and mailing it?

A. Email isn’t intended to send large files. But there is a way to get around the snail-mail alternative. The solution is to break the file into several smaller files and send each in a separate email. Then the recipient does the reverse operation and rejoins the parts into a single file. How to accomplish this? Download a small (free) utility called HJSplit.

Follow the directions to unpack the file and save it somewhere (on your desktop, for instance). When you start HJSplit, you are presented with several options, including Split and Join. Click on Split and then click on Input File. Choose the file to split and click open. Tell it where to put the output files (default is the same folder as the original), and choose the Split file size and click on Start. In a few seconds you have a set of files with the same name as the original, with added extensions of .001, .002, etc.

Now send the split files, one at a time, to your friend. He will need to have the same program (or one like it) to re-join the parts back into a single file. That operation is as easy as the split. Click on Join, then Input File and choose the .001 split file and HJSplit does the rest in a few seconds.

Published: Courier 10/4/09 - Page 5C