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by Ray DeCosta

Q. How about some tips to make Internet surfing easier?

A. A while ago we discussed using your mouse's middle button to open a web page in a new tab so you wouldn't lose your place upon your return. Well, here's a trick that will making filling out forms much easier.

At one time or another you have all completed forms where you might request some information from a website, ask to be placed on a newsletter, etc. You have probably clicked in the first box, typed in your first name, clicked in the second box for your last name, etc. And then when you were all done you looked around for the "Submit" button and clicked that as well. For each entry, you had to remove a hand from the keyboard, find your mouse, click the next box and then return to the keyboard. Really, there is a much easier way to do all that.

Once you have completed the entry in the first box, simply hit the Tab key and you should go to the next box where you can enter the appropriate information. Do this all the way to the end and instead of then hunting around for the "Submit" button, simply hit the "Enter" key.

Another timesaver is to simply enter all your information in lower case. The computer doesn't care about the exact case used to input an address, for instance, and usually converts everything to upper case when it prints out a label.

Published: Courier 9/5/10 - Page 5C