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by Phil Ball

Q. I just made a horrible mistake and deleted an important chunk of text from my document. Do I have to retype the whole thing over again?

A. Undo it. We all make mistakes and then need to correct them. One of my computer’s best functions is that it allows me to undo or take back a mistake. You undo by either going to the menu to successively click EDIT and then UNDO or else use the handy keyboard combination of CTRL + Z, that is, hold down the CTRL key while clicking the letter Z. This is a standard feature of nearly all Windows functions and programs.

For example, I have highlighted text to change the font and then forgotten to deselect it before I began typing again. In this case, the highlighted text is deleted and replaced by the new text you began to type. If you have typed quite a bit before you realize what you have done, I would highlight and copy the new text since it will be lost when you undo. Then hold down the CTRL key while pressing Z repeatedly until your lost text reappears. As soon as you have your lost text back, place the cursor at the end of it and Paste the newer text back into place. Then you may resume typing.

CTRL + Z also makes it easy to try new things in your photo editor and undo the changes if you don’t like them. CTRL + Z is my best mistake correction.

Published: Courier 9/3/10 - Page 5C