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by Ray DeCosta

Q. I downloaded and installed a program, but now it's difficult to open. I have to click through a whole list of folders until I get to the program itself. Isn't there a better way?

A. Yes, indeed! The program you installed should have created a Shortcut but apparently it didn't have user comforts in mind. Or perhaps you didn't see a box during the install process asking you to check it if you wanted to "Create a Shortcut on my Desktop." A Shortcut is an icon that you click in order to go directly to a file or folder instead of the long click-through routine which you are now having to endure.

To create a Shortcut, simply find the file or folder in My Computer (or Computer depending on which version of Windows you have) and right-click it. In the context menu box which appears, simply click the entry which reads "Send To -- Desktop (create shortcut)". Again, the wording may be slightly different between Windows versions. That's all there is to it! If you want to change the name of your newly-created Shortcut, simply right-click it, select "Rename" and make whatever changes you wish.

This general procedure even works for websites too. When you're at a favorite website, simply look for the tiny icon (it's called a favicon) just to the left of the website's address. Simply drag it off to your Desktop and it will automatically become a Shortcut. Again, you may rename it using the above procedure.

Published: Courier 3/6/11 - Page 5C