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by JB Burke

Q: I have switched from IE8 to Firefox 4. I know there are many add-ons for Firefox. Which would you suggest to help improve my browsing experience?

A: You are right – there are many Firefox add-ons, and I have several installed. Here are some that I find useful.

"Download Statusbar" puts a small notice of the status of each download at the bottom of the screen. So if you download one or more files, they will all show up there. They will be stored wherever you specified to Firefox. You can double-click on a downloaded file to open or install it. Download/Info

"CoolPreviews" shows a small icon next to each link on a web page. Move the cursor to that icon (don’t need to click) and a “preview” of the web page will appear in a window on the screen. You can scroll through it, click on it, etc. Then you can close it, and you are still on your original web page. Download/Info

Adblock Plus does what it says – it does away with ads on your browsed web pages. It makes the screen cleaner and easier to read. Don’t forget to sign up for a “subscription” as you install it – that’s where it gets info on how to recognize ads. Download/Info

StumbleUpon is one of my favorites – but it won’t improve productivity. After installing it, and selecting your areas of interest, it gives you a small toolbar. If you are bored, click on Stumble and you’ll find many new interesting websites. Download/Info

Enjoy Firefox 4!

Published: Courier 6/5/11 - Page 5C