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by Phil Ball

Q. I finally upgraded my Firefox browser to the new Version 4 but it looks so different. Is there any way that I can make things look like the older version?

A. Yes you can. When you start the new version of Firefox, you may notice the bright orange Firefox button at the upper left of the window. Clicking this button performs many of the old functions. For moving your tabs, click Firefox > Options > Tabs on top. This will uncheck the option and your tabs will move down below the address bar where they used to be.

If you miss the old menu bar (File, Edit, View, …Help), again click Firefox > Options > Menu Bar. The old Menu Bar and Title Bar will appear and the Firefox button will disappear. If you want to move the buttons around or add or remove buttons, simply right-click on an empty area next to your open tab(s) and choose Customize. When this dialog box opens, it offers more buttons that you can add to your button bar by simply dragging and dropping them there.

While this dialog box is open, you can also remove existing buttons or rearrange the buttons by clicking and dragging them to the desired location. If you are removing a button, just drag it off the row of buttons, release the click and it will disappear. If you want it back, then right-click > Customize and drag it from the dialog box onto your row of tabs.

Published: Courier 6/19/11 - Page 5C