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by JB Burke

Q. I have Windows 7, but I was really used to using XP, and I don’t want to change. How can I make my new Windows 7 computer look and work more like XP?

A. I found many sites that provide info on how to make Windows 7 look and act more like XP. Here are two:

This first one is what most people agree upon - changing the task bar and desktop to make them look and act more like XP. (Though most people tend to prefer the features and function of Windows 7 to XP.) The changes are quite easy - just follow the instructions you find here. You can go back to the Windows 7 style just as easily. Link to Microsoft

Then, if you want to spend more time and effort, you can go to this site, where there links to a bunch of free software and solutions that allow Windows 7 to more nearly emulate XP. I don't know whether the referenced programs would place an addition drain on your system resources (CPU cycles or memory).

Finally, here is a web site that has a very good free manual on Windows 7 - 50 pages, lots of illustrations, all in a downloadable PDF document. In order to get it, you have to sign up for their newsletter, or “like” them on your Facebook page.

Note: If you have Windows Starter Edition, you can only change the task bar, not the desktop appearance.

Published: Courier 7/17/11 - Page 5C