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by Ray DeCosta

Q. I have a lot of old computer equipment around my house. What should I do with it and can any of it be recycled?

A. You should realize that there's not a big market for outdated equipment (over 3-5 years old). There are exceptions, primarily for obsolete ZIP drive equipment which is still being used by some people rather than transfer their data to more modern and reliable media. If you do still use ZIP drive media to store your data, you are taking a very large risk of losing it.

Much older equipment can't even be installed into newer computers due to changes in cable connections or capacities. So it's time to get rid of all those CD-ROMs and floppy discs and drives: They. Are. Useless. Instead of just pitching that equipment into the trash, consider your local options here in Yavapai County.

Most of the thrift stores in Prescott and Prescott Valley will accept your donations of computer equipment and they do some amount of refurbishing before placing items for sale. Sometimes they have more of certain types of equipment than they can use and simply won't accept any more keyboards or monitors, for example.

One suggestion for old equipment is to donate it to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) store at 730 N. 5th Street, Prescott. Map to DAV  The DAV will refurbish useable equipment and try to sell it, but if it's too old, broken or simply not popular, they will recycle it.

Published: Courier 9/4/11 - Page 5C