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by Ray Carlson

Q: Email from a certain organization is stopped by my spam filter. How do I avoid this?

A: The process varies for different email providers. Let’s discuss two to review the general idea.

With Gmail, add the email address for the sender to your “My Contacts” list. That system does not usually identify as spam mail from addresses on that list. Check the items in your Spam mailbox, and for any that should have been delivered, click “Not Spam” at the top of the list. They will then be sent to your inbox.

With Cableone, go to their spam page. Emails Cableone’s system thought were spam will be listed. If a message on the list is legitimate, click on deliver at the end of the line for that message. A new screen opens asking if you want to put the email address on the “Approved Selected Senders.” Click the box next to the message and the Approve box. You can also click on My Settings on the upper right. Then click on “Approved Senders” and see if the email address appears on that list.

If not, add it, and click on “Update Approve Senders.” You may have to delete some addresses if you have exceeded the maximum. Delete ones that are least likely to send you messages. If you have switched to the Gmail form of Cableone, both spam filters will be working, and you should follow both procedures noted above. Check the Help section for your Email provider to see more detail.

Published: Courier 9/18/11 - Page 5C