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by Ray DeCosta

Q. When I print out a webpage, I often find that the right side of the text has been cut off. How do I keep this from happening?

A. There are only a few ways around this problem which is caused by the fact that there is no "standard" size for a webpage. The dimensions of a page can be almost anything the designer wants it to be. If the designer has mistakenly chosen a larger-than-normal width for the page, the right edge may easily vanish when printed.

Your best bet for printing ANY webpage is to utilize the Print Preview function of your browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer). Go to File -- Print Preview to see what your printed page will look like. If the right edge is cut off, you should adjust the Scale function until the page will be printed properly. Quite often the "Shrink To Fit" setting will be the selection of choice. At other times, the 60 or 70% setting will allow you to print everything you see on the page.

However, as you shrink the screen you will find that the text size also decreases and becomes harder to read. You might also try printing the page in Landscape mode (the horizontal dimension is longer than the vertical) instead of the default Portrait mode. Also with Print Preview, you can see just which pages you want to print to avoid unwanted material such as that annoying page with only one line of text on it.

Published: Courier 10/2/11 - Page 5C