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by Phil Ball

Q: I’m back from my trip and I took lots of photos. I love the fact that taking lots of digital photographs costs nothing once you’ve bought the camera and card, at least until you make prints. But now I’m home and I’m dismayed to realize how much work it will be to enhance that many photos, despite knowing that nearly any digital photo can be enhanced with a few simple editing techniques. Do you have any suggestions about handling large quantities of images like this?

A: I’m glad you had so much fun taking photos on your trip. The first thing I usually do when I get home is to look through all my images, just to see what I have. The only ones that I delete at this point are the obviously bad ones that are hopelessly out of focus or otherwise badly flawed. Then, I go through them a second time and mark the especially good ones, trying to be choosy because these are the ones that I will open in my photo editor and work on.

This is not necessarily a final selection because others may be added or subtracted as I go but for now, these are the ones worth further enhancement. In my photo editor, I set the black and white points with Levels, dig detail out of the shadows with the Shadow/Highlight tool, and add a bit of contrast and brightness. These few enhancements are enough to make a great improvement over the base image. Enjoy looking at your photos.

Published: Courier 10/16/11 - Page 5C