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by Phil Ball

Q. My old computer has been giving me trouble although I love Windows XP. I’m considering a new one but I’m hesitant about Windows 7. Will I have much trouble adapting to it?

A. I moved from Windows XP to Windows 7 about two years ago and haven’t looked back; I love it even more than XP. It is faster, safer, and it just plain does everything a little better. Part of that is because of newer, faster computers and part is the new Operating System. The only problem is that while you will not likely have much trouble adapting to the new system, your old hardware and occasionally your old software may not work right.

The best way to find out is to go to the Microsoft website, download and run the free Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which will tell you what will be a problem with Windows 7. You can ignore the parts about your computer’s capabilities since you will be running a new computer but pay attention to such things as printers, scanners, and various hardware and software. Then you can make an informed decision whether to buy a new one or not.

That said, remember that there is another alternative: you could format the hard drive on your XP computer which removes all data and reinstall Windows XP and your old computer will run like it did when you first got it. In either case, you must reinstall all your software and return your data to your files.

Published: Courier 1/2/12 - Page 5C