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By JB Burke

Q. I use Firefox and I like some of the videos I see online. I’d like to be able to save them to my computer to view them later or show them to others. What’s the best way to capture a video from YouTube or DailyMotion, etc.?

A. There are several ways to capture videos from the likes of YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo. We suggest you install an add-on to Firefox (our favorite browser) that will allow you to capture almost any video. This add-on is called Video DownloadHelper, and it can be found here. It takes just a few seconds to install.

Once added to Firefox, you’ll see a small icon on the Navigation Toolbar that becomes animated (spins) when a video is playing. Just right-click the icon and then slide the cursor down to the menu item Media, move right to the resolution you want to download (there may be several shown or perhaps only one) and click on it. Remember, you just move the cursor down and hover over the Media item, don’t click on it.

When you’ve slid the cursor over to the right and clicked on the desired video format, it will ask you where to store the video. Choose a directory and click Save. You could save to the Videos folder in Libraries, or create your own video folder. In either case, be sure to keep track of where you saved the video, so you can find it to play it again.

Published: Courier 1/15/12 - Page 5C