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by Ray DeCosta

Q. What are some handy tips to make printing easier and cheaper?

A. A great cost-saving measure is to re-use paper that has been through your printer by simply printing on the other side for drafts and your own notes. For the most part, this will work but you have to make sure to remove staples or throw away damaged sheets of paper to avoid jams. Depending on your printer, you will usually put the paper in "upside down" with the already-printed side facing up. You might have to experiment a bit to get the right positioning but it's worth the effort, especially if you print a lot of drafts.

But you want to be careful if you tend to print only a few labels at a time and want to use the remaining ones later. Some printers, such as laser printers, produce more heat than ink-jet or bubble-jet printers. Excessive heat will cause labels to peel away from their backing and they may get stuck in your printer. Removing a label stuck deep inside a hard-to-disassemble printer is not a task for the faint of heart. If you choose to print labels in batches, pay careful attention to any signs of the labels becoming detached from the rest of the sheet and consign them to the trash or find other uses for them.

When printing pages from websites, each Internet browser looks at the pages slightly differently and will give you different results. Your best course of action is to always utilize the "Print Preview" function, usually found close to the "Print" function. If you don't like what you see in the Preview, simply adjust the Scale or Zoom function until the pages display to your satisfaction.

And you don't have to print all the pages either. After you hit the Print button you will be offered a choice of pages to print. Simply look for the place to enter the Range of pages you want printed. Again, you may have to experiment a bit to figure out how your browser wants these numbers inputted.

Published: Courier 2/5/12 - Page 5C