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by Ray DeCosta

Q. I want to send my friend a link to a webpage in which he might be interested but it's hard to type out those long addresses that you see on occasion. Is there an easier way to do that?

A. There are several ways to send a webpage address, also known as a link or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to your friend. Many people simply select or highlight the URL in the Address Bar at the top of your browser screen and then Copy and Paste it into the body of their email.

With this method, a problem often develops when the URL is a long one. You may have to scroll beyond the visible section in order to highlight it. In doing so, you may move outside of the highlight and you will have to start over.

Most browsers allow you to right-click the URL in the address bar. This action will highlight the entire URL - even the portion which remains "invisible" off-screen. You may then choose "Copy" from the menu that appears and the entire URL will be available for pasting into your email.

The link you have just added may not be "active" in your message - if you click the link nothing will happen. However, when your friend receives it, he should be able to click on it and go directly to the site you suggested. But this won't work if he has set his email program to display messages in "text only" format. In that case, he will have to Copy and Paste the URL into his browser's Address Bar.

Another problem develops when a long URL is broken at the end of a line and is therefore spread out over two lines in an email message. If your friend Copies and Pastes a URL which has been broken in this way, the original wording of the link may have been altered by one of the email programs involved. In that case, your friend will have to try and edit the URL in the Address Bar until he finds the particular page you wanted him to visit.

Published: Courier 5/6/12 - Page 4C