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by Ray Carlson

Q: I use Google Chrome to access the Internet. Recently, when I opened that program, I got a message saying "Your profile cannot be opened correctly. . ." This message kept me from connecting to the Internet, and it comes back each time I restart that program. What can I do?

A: Before I respond directly, let me suggest that when you encounter a message like this, you go on-line and go to Google or another search engine and type in the message you received. You will usually find several other people who reported the same problem, and someone will usually add a message suggesting what to do. In this case, I found a couple of times that someone from Google offered suggestions. If you normally use Chrome to connect to the Internet and cannot get online because of this message, open up another browser to do this search. For example, you usually have Internet Explorer automatically installed or you may want to install another browser like Firefox just in case Chrome does not work.

The developers of Chrome note that this problem occurs because a separate program attacks the files in which Chrome stores your data. These files are called "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal." Most often, it is an antivirus that assumes the Chrome files are malicious and corrupts them. The only solution is to delete those corrupted files. When Chrome starts again, it will recreate those files and work ok. You will lose any passwords or history that you asked Chrome to save. You can do a search of your computer to locate those files in order to delete them.

Chrome indicates that it has made changes to avoid this problem, but it has reappeared when certain antivirus programs change their way of hunting for malware. They note that the antivirus program AVG has been the most common problem for them. If you continue to experience this problem, it might be necessary to change your antivirus or change to a different Internet browser.

Published: Courier 9/16/12 - Page 4C