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by Ray Carlson

Q. How do I show two programs on my screen at once using Windows 8 without a touch screen?

A. In many respects, Windows 8 works like Windows 7. Splitting the screen is an example as long as you use the mouse or keyboard. In both versions, the easiest way is to open both programs to full size. Point your mouse at the top title line where the name of the program is identified. Hold down the left key on the mouse and slide the program to one side or the other. When you get half way there, the program will move to half its normal width. Let go of the left key, and that program should fill half the screen. Now, do the same with the other program sliding it to the other side.

If this process proves difficult as it often does with browsers where the top line is filled with tabs, another process uses only the keyboard. Open a program, hold down the Windows key, the one with the Windows symbol in the lowest row of the keyboard, and click the left arrow key. The program should move to the left side. Click on the other program, hold down the Windows key and click on the right arrow key to move that program to the right side.

If the windows do not fill the screen or overlap, point the mouse at the edge of the window that does not fit. The mouse indicator should change to a double-headed arrow. Holding down the left button, slide the edge of the window to the size you want. Splitting the screen between a Windows 8 app and a regular program often leads to the app's side being much smaller.

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Published: Courier 12/16/12 - Page 3C