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by Phil Ball

Q. I updated my browser like it strongly suggested and find that the newer version does not show my Google search bar as the old one did. Now I have to call up Google's webpage ( to search the Internet and that is a pain! Do I need to reinstall the older version of my browser to save myself this trouble?

A. Regardless of which browser you use, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, they have all eliminated the search bar. Now you simply type what you want to search for into the address bar just like you used to do in the vanished search bar on older versions and then press ENTER. When you do, it will take you to the page in your preferred search engine just like when you used the older search bar. So no, you do not need to go to; you simply use the address bar instead of the older search bar.

If you chose Google as your search engine, you'll get Google. If you choose another search engine such as Bing, you will be taken there for your answers. The choice is yours. This method actually speeds things up. You can even highlight the Address Bar by using one of the keyboard commands of Ctrl+L, Alt+D, or F6 so all you have to do is to start typing your search parameters without having to touch the mouse. This works in all the main browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Another time-saver that is not widely known is that if you are manually entering a web address, you don't have to type the "www." at the beginning or the ".com" at the end. So for instance, if you want to go to the Prescott Computer Society website, you simply type in "PCS4me" which is the domain name and hold down the CTRL key while pressing ENTER. Try it by typing in "dcourier", hold down the CTRL key and press ENTER and you'll be looking at the Daily Courier's home page. This tip can save a lot of typing of repetitive www's and com's.

Published: Courier 8/31/14 - Page 3D