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by Ray DeCosta

Q. I recently bought a new tablet and have been having difficulty sending and receiving emails. How can I fix this?

A. Usually this problem is related to the use of improper settings on the email account (Gmail, Yahoo,, etc.) Unless everything is set correctly, your emails will fail to travel as expected. Most of the time this occurs because the default settings of your email app are not current. This is surprising because you would expect that the apps included with your new tablet (the Gmail app, for instance) would come ready-to-use. Unfortunately, this may not be the case and you should take care to ensure that the app actually uses the proper settings.

These settings can easily be found by going to the provider's website and searching for "email settings". You will find important information regarding POP, IMAP and SMTP functions. While the differences between POP and IMAP are too complicated to detail here, for an explanation of the two methods, check out POP2IMAP. Whichever system you choose, obtain the correct information and start looking around in your email app for the "Settings" menu.

Typically, this information will consist of the server address (ex., security parameters (ex. Use SSL: Yes), port number (ex. 995) and other information. Put these parameters into the server settings and send yourself or others a test email. Be prepared to change a few settings (there may be two different port numbers) to get everything working correctly but always change only one setting at a time. Otherwise you will have no idea which setting was the cause of the problem. Remember that the POP or IMAP settings are responsible for receiving email while SMTP is responsible for sending email. This will help you narrow down the places where some error may be occurring.

Not all email apps are created equal and some will be better than others. Additionally, you may not care for some of the "features" of a particular app. Most of them are free so don't be afraid to try different available apps until you find one that's just right for you.

Published: Courier 11/23/14 - Page 3D