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by JB Burke

Q. I have anti-virus installed, and I use Malwarebytes to check for problems. But someone told me that those programs don't catch all the adware and spyware that arrives in my system. What would you suggest for that problem?

A. One tool that has a pretty good reputation, and works well for me, is SUPERAntiSpyware. As usual, there is a free and a paid professional version, and so far all I’ve used is the free version. You can find it here. Remember, when searching for software online, always go to the software owner's own site. You may find the same software elsewhere, but frequently it will include undesirable software in the download.

Click on Free Edition to start the download. After you download, click to open and install. Click Next on the Welcome screen. Click I Agree on the License screen, or read it all and then click I Agree, your choice. Click Next on the User Information screen and Next for Destination Folder, unless you want to change it. It installs quickly. Enter your email address if you want to receive product announcements. I'd leave the Check for updates checked. Your call on the Submit a system diagnostics. Again, click Next, and finally click Finished.

The first time you run it, you are asked to sign up for a free trial of the Pro edition. I declined. The screen you see includes Scan This Computer, System Tools, Help & Information, Real-Time System Protection, Scheduled Scanning and Automatic Updates (these last three are Pro only features). Click Scan This Computer and it starts. There are 4 scan types – I'd do a full scan, at least the first time. You may be surprised how much adware and spyware it roots out.

Published: Courier 3/7/15 - Page 11A