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phil ball sig leader In this most interesting and well-attended SIG, Phil Ball discusses all the ins and out of working with Adobe Photoshop Elements. He also talks about all the other programs which he finds useful on a day-to-day basis. Throughout his series of lectures, Phil goes through all the steps necessary to touch up and correct your digital photos. Starting with the very basics of working with Photoshop Elements, his presentations take you all the way through to complex issues such as working with layers.

Phil also discusses the basics of taking a great picture in the first place, including camera selection, proper composition and lighting and the importance of bracketing. No facet of the fascinating area of digital photography goes unexplored in this SIG. Using many of the pictures he has taken, he shows you how to really make yours stand out from the crowd. Phil addresses subjects suitable for both beginners and intermediate users in plain English.

Items of Interest

To prove that Phil really knows what he's talking about, he went out and won several awards at the 2009 APCUG Photo Contest. Click here to see his winning pictures.

Layer Masks - This article by Phil Ball discusses using the FREE add-on from Hidden Power which allows you to have the functionality of layer masks of big Photoshop in your Photoshop Elements v5. Direct link to Hidden Power.

Leader Information

SIG Leader: Phil Ball - 778-2652
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