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building a computer In the Special Topics SIG we seek to expand your knowledge about a large variety of subjects. Typical topics include removing viruses and spyware, making backups, DVD burning, Registry editing and optical drive installation. While some of these topics may appear complicated, we try to make them understandable to all who attend. Our goal is that no matter what your current level of PC awareness might be, you will gain something from each session.

The pictures on this page (courtesy of Phil Ball) are from a presentation entitled "Building Your Own Computer". In the space of two hours, a bootable computer was built from a box of parts in front of the well-attended session. Our audience had a chance to look at the interior of a computer as well as its individual components. We even had a few good laughs when things didn't go exactly as planned! building a computer

A large amount of the information we present is important for your computer's health and well-being. You will learn how to fix common problems, install hardware upgrades and take your computer knowledge to the next level. We frequently have informal Q&A sessions on other topics that arise at a presentation.
building a computer
Typically, the presenters are our own PCS members who have some unique knowledge of a particular subject. We explain what worked for us and, equally important, what didn't work. By attending, you will certainly pick up at least some of their expertise, even if it doesn't seem especially relevant to you at the time. We have often had people tell us that they have used information presented at the Special Topics SIG at a later date when "it all made sense" to them. You can't help but learn SOMETHING by coming to our meetings.

We urge you to keep an eye on our schedule and come check us out when there is a topic that interests you. We guarantee that you won't feel lost or overwhelmed. And we'll try to keep the geek talk to a minimum!

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SIG Leader: JB Burke
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Due to the Coronavirus all Prescott Computer Society meetings will be held online.

Please visit our Home page for further information regarding scheduled meetings.

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