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Every day, seven days a week, JB Burke digs into the far corners of the Web to discover tasty tidbits of informative, educational or humorous information that you probably missed. He literally mines the Web for articles, documents and videos that deserve to be preserved and presented to our astute Prescott Computer Society audience. Day after day he accumulates these amazing bits of material until, every other month, it is time to prepare the Special Topics program. (Note – as of January 2021 JB had presented 59 of these programs, and he still had plenty of WWW (World Wide Web) left to go.) He then laboriously weeds out the wheat from the chaff and prepares a delightfully mind-bending program.

While the topic frequently includes material specific to the Windows 10 environment, much of it is OS agnostic and will appeal to users of all Personal Computer environments. There is no way to adequately describe what any individual Special Topics presentation will consist of. Some have concentrated on a specific topic (e.g. The Dark Web, Artificial Intelligence) but most are made up of a plethora of unrelated but nevertheless fascinating topics. The best we can do, by way of description, is to suggest you review some of the past 59 programs that are currently maintained in the Prescott Computer Society database of articles and presentations. JB then presents the program blended with his own special brand of humor.

Special Topics Leader Information

SIG Leader: JB Burke
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