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No Endorsements or Recommendations

Evil Barnabas Fred faces frontier justice in Dreadwood, a mythical western town in a video editing project filmed by PCS members.

The Prescott Computer Society (PCS) does not accept advertising on its website. Any links to a merchant's website that may appear usually reflect the subject matter of a future presentation.

Many of our "outside" presenters (those who are not PCS members) run commercial enterprises and offer products and/or services for sale at our meetings. We believe that such presentations are of interest to our members so they may become aware of new products and services on the market. Even though PCS does discuss and critique items of general computer interest, it does not endorse or recommend any particular merchant or their offerings. Your decision to purchase or use any product or service should be made only after conducting your own research regarding your particular subject of interest.

In addition, merchants may offer prizes, giveaways or services to PCS in order to obtain some advertising or goodwill benefit by doing so. We would like to thank those merchants for their donations and we may show our appreciation by giving them a temporary link and/or a few "thank you" lines on a webpage. Such recognition should not be construed as an endorsement or approval of the merchant or its products.

Classified Ads

Ads are run free for PCS members or others who want to buy, sell, trade or give away computer parts or software on an occasional or casual basis. PCS does not accept advertising from vendors, merchants, etc. - please see "No Endorsements or Recommendations" section above. The Webkeeper will have total discretion and decision authority regarding the suitability of items for inclusion on the Classified Ads webpage or persons who may be authorized to place ads. If your items sell, please let the Webkeeper know so he may change or delete your ad copy as appropriate. All ads will expire in one month and will be automatically removed if the Webkeeper remembers to check the date of your ad.

If your item hasn't sold by that time, you may renew your ad by submitting it a second time. (The Webkeeper will not keep a copy of your expired ad.) However, you should probably face the sad fact that your equipment or software may be so outdated that no one wants it.

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PCS maintains a database of all current members for the convenience of other members, to track membership information and to provide an up-to-date address list for the weekly email newsletter. Contact information in the form of a membership list is made available only to current PCS members.

Personal information on the membership list generally includes a PCS member's name, address, telephone number and email address. Any member may request that some or all of their personal information be deleted from this list by informing the Webkeeper to that effect. Your personal information will not be not shared with or sold to any other organizations.

After clicking the button below, your email program will open and you may then send us your inquiry. This procedure has become necessary in order to minimize the amount of spam received through this page.

Submitted Articles

Anyone, whether or not a member of PCS, may submit original articles for publication on the PCS website, the members-only weekly email newsletter or any other media that may be utilized by PCS. In general, such articles should be about a computer-related topic of interest to our members. Your article should contain no advertising or "hype" related to any product or service. The Webkeeper reserves the right to edit typos and correct minor obvious errors of any kind prior to publication. Material that contains major errors, advertising or is deemed unacceptable by the Webkeeper for any reason in his or her sole discretion will be returned to the author for correction prior to publication.

By submitting any such articles, you grant PCS a non-exclusive copyright license to publish such material as it sees fit. This non-exclusive license includes publication in the media described in the paragraph immediately above as well as in any other newsletters and publications with which PCS may be associated. If you do not desire PCS to further distribute your original product, please inform us accordingly and we will work out a mutually agreeable solution.

Because of the difficulty many people experience when trying to open DOCX and PPTX files, we do not accept these files for publication. For the convenience of our visitors, you are asked to submit your material as a PDF file. That format is easily read by almost all site visitors and is less susceptible to modifications by others.

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