PCS Picnic

karnak the magnificent performsWe all had a great time at one of our annual picnics which was held at the Garden Ramada at Willow Lake Park, Prescott. Some new events were added this year including contests for the best guacamole, salsa and dip. In addition, some members shared their humorous travel mishaps. Or, as one participant suggested, we should call them "travail" mishaps instead.

Previously-held events were expanded to include additional raffle prizes and a more heavily advertised equipment exchange. OK - we all know that the latter is a good way of pretending to get rid of your excess equipment while picking up someone else's oh-so-useful stuff in the process.

Some new entertainment was added to the picnic program this year. The featured event was the introduction of that great sage and soothsayer Juan Karnak the Magnificent. Extensive apologies are offered to Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon who performed the original version of this classic routine. Karnak made his own costume just for this event and with the able assistance of his minions Ray Carlson and Murray Smolens, put on a semi-stunning performance which included a somewhat humorous look at current events. After all, you have to work very hard to NOT get a laugh when you poke fun at someone in the public eye who calls himself "Carlos Danger"!

While some of Karnak's jokes fell perfectly flat on their faces, the audience seemed to generally enjoy an update of the original skit "as seen on TV". This was especially true when "the last envelope" was announced! For some unexplainable reason, everyone present seemed to perk up at that moment with their unconstrained approval as demonstrated by their wild, enthusiastic cheering and overwhelming applause.

And "Ed" was afraid that the audience wouldn't know what to do at that point.

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